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Hand Clock

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Charles Dearing

Project by

Charles Dearing
Gatesville, united States

General Information

A clock design inspired by M.C. Escher artwork

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Maple Plywood (Rotary)

Maple Plywood (Rotary)

Type: Plywood, Wood Type: Plywood, Species: Maple, Thickness: 1/2 in, Dimensions: 18 in × 24 in


Hand of Time

1- Choose your material of choice. I chose Maple ply with mdf core.
2- Put the thickness, width and length into Easel. For me it was 3/16 thick and 29 1/2 × 18 3/4.
3- Choose your depth per pass. I am using a DeWalt 611. My bit was 1/16 2 flute fish tail. Depth per pass set at 0.028 in.
4- Set the feed rate. I went with 28 in/min.
5- Make sure the bit in your desired home position and make the bit “kiss” the surface.
6- Go through the portion of the Easel carve setup to confirm all steps you’ve completed.
7- Hit Carve and go!
8- When completed, sand and finish to your liking.
9- Add your desired clock movement.