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Gun Rack Side

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Charles Dearing

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Charles Dearing
Gatesville, united States

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4 3/4 × 29 7/8 (Make 2)

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Walnut (×2)

6" × 12" × 3/4" Walnut


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Making the whole gun rack

I wasn’t sure how to merge more than one Easel project into a single project post so forgive the incomplete nature. There is a link below of another project file done by me through Easel that is called “Gun Rack Top”. Be sure to use the project to complete this project.
Find the top here:
1- Choose your material of choice. I chose thick boards (1.063 in.) Admittedly I do not recall the species. I’ve had this wood for a while now.
2- Put the thickness, width and length into Easel.
3- Choose your depth per pass. I am using a DeWalt 611 and a good rule of thumb for this router’s depth per pass is 1/2 the size of the cutting bit. My bit was 1/8 so the depth per pass was 1/32.
4- Set the inches per minute. I went with 50 in/min.
5- Make sure the bit in your desired home position and make the bit “kiss” the surface.
6- Go through the portion of the Easel carve setup to confirm all steps you’ve completed.
7- Hit Carve and go!
8- I’ve posted this project straight from the X-Carve, but I plan to do fine sanding and rounding over the edges. Then I will clear coat it.
9- I plan to use pocket holes to assemble the sides to the top. The bottom support piece will have no cnc routing done unless you choose to. The dimensions of that should match the dimensions of the top decorative piece shown at the above link.
I ill be adding a buck portrait into the back of this gun rack as well. That is yet to come.

Dave Hinz
Nice, I like how you designed it for zero waste between the two parts.
Dave Hinz
Michael Bishop
It looks AWESOME. Can you please explain how you did the design. I'm new to making and I haven't figured it out yet. Thanks in advance.
Michael Bishop