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Gear Coaster

Caleb Peters

Project by

Caleb Peters

General Information

This is a very simple project that I made to hone my CAD and CAM skills. The result is a very functional coaster that has a pretty cool design.

What else is there to say? It’s a coaster… shaped like a gear…

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Desktop 3D Carving (CNC Mill) Kit - Shapeoko 2

Desktop 3D Carving (CNC Mill) Kit - Shapeoko 2

Full kit - 110V Plug, includes electronics and tool set

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Gear Coaster.svg

CAD file


Download Zip

from Inventables



CAD the design.



Generate the toolpaths with makerCAM.



The payoff. Just watching your ShapeOko 2 doing its thing.

Bob Hewson
To minimize sawdust, minimize static electricity by wiping the plastic with a "Bounce" anti static cloth used in washing dryer by my wife. I have similar problem taking photos at turning club through plastic safety shield. Bob
Bob Hewson