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Flight Holder

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Keith Fritze

Project by

Keith Fritze

General Information

Flight holders that can hold a variety of different glasses: Goblets, Rocks, Pilsner, Wine, Stemless, Martini & Margarita to name just a few.
This was a project for 8 thirsty bridesmaids at a fun bachelorette!
Made of 3/4" Maple with carved names and a carved “chalkboard” with chalk paint.

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40 minutes

I used a piece of 3/16" luan as a sacrificial board and used double face tape to attach 3/4" maple to the luan.
I carved the name in the handle first using a 1/4" 60 degree V-bit . Obviously a name is optional.
I carved the paddle and the “chalkboard” cutout with a 1/8 double fluted straight bit.
The “Chalkboard” is made with chalkboard paint.

Thomas J Pratt
unable to download?? says its not been shared?
Thomas J Pratt