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Extra Long X-Carve Clamps

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General Information

Hello everyone these are some long clamps that I made to work with the X-Carve wasteboard they will work great for holding thin bowed wood

You will need
.5" Oak
.125 bit

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Red Oak Plywood

Red Oak Plywood

Thickness: 1/2 in, Dimensions: 8 in × 12 in

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Carve clamps

90 minutes

Alright everyone so these are just long versions of the hold down clamps that are already on here but I thought I would show you how I made them they are pretty simple

What you will need:

.5" Dried Red Oak
.125 solid carbide bit (I used a 2 flute spiral upcut)
spoil board
small clamps to clamp the oak down for cutting

Easel setup:

When you open this in easel please make sure and check all your settings as mine may not work for you

Saftey Height: 10mm
Step over: 40%
Feedrate: 25 in/mm
Depth of cut: .028
material thickness: .500"

Set easel to cut the outside of the clamps with 4 tabs on the straightest sections possible and then set easel to fill the center slot and small hole to fill and do not use tabs.

Make sure that your depth of cut is the thickness of your material

The small hole in the back is meant for a threaded insert (the exact ones that are in the X-Carve wasteboard) So put a insert in there and thread a 5mm carriage bolt in there for added back support.

Also the middle slot excepts a 5mm bolt and will require a washer


Finishing Step

So once the clamps are cut out of the oak simply sand the corners down to a good finish and insert the threaded insert and you are off to the races with a super long hold down clamp

Also I like to cut the end opposite of the threaded insert at a 45 degree angle on my miter saw this will allow for more clearance when cutting close to the clamps with your spindle

This can be done when milling the pieces out of the oak all in one step but easel is not capable of doing so in its current configuration you would have to use something like Fusion 360 and then Chilipepper to cut the clamps but why do all this when it take 2 seconds on a miter saw just watch those fingers lol

thanks everyone one let me know if you have any question I would be GLAD to help

Andrew Guddat
Thanks so much for this. I can't believe that the stock ones aren't long enough to clamp into the board diagonally. Great first thing for someone to carve!
Andrew Guddat
Oh your welcome I have used them many times on my little x-carve and work great now I am thinking about making some for my 4x8 cnc router