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EVA foam shadow board

Victor yoshimoto

Project by

Victor yoshimoto

General Information

Create shadow boards for tools

Like this project

Place tools on a light box and take a picture

3 minutes

Place your desired tools on a light box and take a picture. I made mine with a box, led light and white paper.


Use the image vectorizer

1 minute

Open a new project and select image vectorizer


Select the picture

2 minutes

Select the picture and play with the settings until the image capture satisfies your needs


Enlarge the picture

2 minutes

If you know the length of one of the tools, enlarge the image until it matches. After this is done, you can delete the border. You can use the dimension of the ligthbox as a reference. I had to enlarge the image a tiny bit to compensate for the image from the camera.


Clean up your image

2 minutes

If you are not satisfied with the image quality, reload it again or take a new picture


Add finger grooves

1 minute

My preference is to add finger grooves to quickly grab the tools. Make sure they are big enough for your finger to easily grab the tool


Prepare your EVA foam

3 minutes

I use EVA foam (floor mats) for shadow boards. They are easy to cut, and available everywhere. Just choose the color you like best. Cut it to size and secure it


Start carving

20 minutes

The time depends on your settings. I usually keep the edges of the foam to help sure the foam. You can cut them later


Finish your shadow board

1 minute

When done carving, you can use a heat gun and slowly go over the edges. This will melt the foam burrs.


Final Product

1 minute

Enjoy. After a couple of tries, I was able to figure out the correct ratio from my camera

Mircea Bascuti
You forgot an essential detail... What cutter did you used?
Mircea Bascuti
Eddie Fowl
Love it!
Eddie Fowl
Kevin Bond
That is awesome, thank you for sharing the step by step directions
Kevin Bond