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Engraved Neon Plant Stand

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Cultivate Studios

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Cultivate Studios
Chicago, Illinois

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Display your plants in style! Let your personality shine through by customizing the etched pattern and choosing the perfect colors to complement your home.

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Fluorescent Green Acrylic Sheet

Fluorescent Green Acrylic Sheet

Dimensions: 8 in × 12 in, Thickness: 1/4 in


Optional: Customize your engraving design

You can either use the provided engraving design or watch this video to learn how to create your own design in Easel.

If you are creating your own design, start from this blank template.


Measure your material

1 minute

Measure the exact size and thickness of your material. The thickness of acrylic is inconsistent from piece to piece, so this is an important step.


Secure the Material

5 minutes

Using double stick tape, securely attach your material to the wasteboard.


Engrave the planter

11 minutes

Set the size and thickness of your material.

The provided design is located here, or use your custom engraving design in this step.

Use an engraving bit with the cut depth set to .01” and the 1/32 2FL Fish Tail bit. Carve the design.

Leave the material secured on the wasteboard for the next step.


Adjust Connector Slots

2 minutes

Open this Easel file for the shape outlines.

The small rectangles (which are the connector slots) are set to a width of .25”. If your material is thinner than that (for example, .22”), the rectangle width should be changed to that measurement as well (or .003” smaller for a tighter fit). The width can be changed in the “shape” palette, make sure the center position is selected and that the lock next to width and hight is unlocked. Then type in the correct value.


Cut out the pieces

21 minutes

Set the Z-value and cut depth to the thickness of your material.

Carve the planter pieces file from the previous step using a 1/8th bit. The 1FL straight bit (black ring) works well for acrylic.



1 minute

Slide the 2 pieces together at the connection slots.

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