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Easter Rabbit Bowl - Easy Starter Project

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Warren Downes

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Warren Downes

General Information

This project is nice and simple for those wanting to start using there X-Carve straight away after building it.

You can apply the same technique to any design like a Batman logo or something of your own design.

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MDF Wood

MDF Wood

Dimensions: 18 in × 24 in, Thickness: 3/4 in, Type: MDF


Open In and secure workpiece

4 minutes

Secure a piece of wood / MDF 200mm x 200mm (8″ × 8″) to the X-Carve and open the project in with the link at the start of this project.

You can also change out the Rabbit photo for something else like a Batman Logo or any other design you like, just select the Rabbit and press delete then import the SVG file of the image you like and move the oval shape to the centre of the new image.



Follow the steps in to begin carving the project, it will give you 3 pieces that are quick to assemble.


Cut the Tabs

2 minutes

After the X-Carve has finished carving the shapes out use a sharp knife to cut the tabs holding the pieces in the wood.

You can then use a file or piece of sandpaper to smooth any of the tabs that are left on the work piece.


Glue Up

4 minutes

Use a wood glue to glue the 3 pieces together to make a bowl shape, i use Titebond but any wood glue will be fine.

Apply pressure with a clamp of a weight on the piece.

Its also important to use a damp cloth cloth to remove any glue squeeze out as this will make you life easier later.


Paint it

Last step is to apply a couple of coats of paint to the entire project, using a primer can also be helpful to give you an even coverage for the final coats of paint.

Or if you have chosen to use a nice wood for the project you can finish it with Danish oil or spray varnish.

I painted the eye’s and ears black to help them stand out.