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Dice Tower with hidden compartment

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Brian Hoffman

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Brian Hoffman

General Information

Dice Tower made of two solid pieces that separate to reveal a hidden compartment. Design requires 8 – 10 × 2.5 mm magnets

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Red Oak

Red Oak (×4)

6" × 12" × 3/4" Red Oak


Prep Stock wood

Glue two pieces of at least 9″×5″×.75 together to make a 1.5" thick stock piece. You will need two of these.


x-carve Setup and carve

Note that the depth of cut is 1.25" for the inside pocket and 1.5 to cut out the edges of the piece. This requires a deep cut bit.

I used my x-carve to cut out the inside pockets and magnet holes and use a table saw for the 1.5" outside cuts.


Sanding and magnets

Normal sanding process. Fine to very fine sanding.

Insert magnets into holes on each block. Pay attention to polarization so that the two pieces snap together.

Finish with wood finish wax.


Optional - Image Carve

If you want to carve an image on the outside of the tower, I would recommend doing it after you finish and wax the main piece. This will allow you to stain the carving without the stain absorbing in the surface wood.

I included a Tree/Face image in the design for this purpose but customize as desired.

Use a 60 deg v bit for the image carving.

I stained the image carving with old English scratch cover for dark woods applied with a small paint brush. I found it works well for giving a nice contrast.

Drew Kasel
Excellent project and very helpful instructions ... but note that you did not share it publicly.
Drew Kasel
Brian Hoffman
Thanks. Should be fixed now.
Brian Hoffman