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Decorative Clock

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John Gifford

Project by

John Gifford

General Information

This clock is made from 4 pieces all cut using the x-carve. See instructions for more details.

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Required Materials

14″ × 14″ – 7/16" Thick Birch Plywood (for the main circle)
14″ × 14″ – 3/16" Thick Birch Plywood (for the silhouette and numbers)
14″ × 14″ – 3/4" Thick Pine (for the border)

Other Materials:
Wood Stain
Lacquer Finish
Clock Works


Cut silhouette & number marker ring

45 minutes

First cut out the silhouette and number ring from the 3/16" plywood using a 1/16" bit. You may consider reversing the image and cutting the pattern from the back side as the upcut bit can chip the plywood on some of the more delecate areas.


Stain the silhouette & number marker ring

15 minutes

This step is optional, but dark stain gives the piece a nice contrast between the lighter background wood.


Cut the back and outer ring

45 minutes

Cut the back from the 7/16" birch plywood. You can use the outer circle from the easel project associated with this post. Make sure you cut on the outside of the circle so that everything lines up to the right sizes.

Next cut the outer ring from the 3/4" pine. This time use the circle from the previous step but make sure you cut on the inside of that ring. Also add a slightly larger circle to the outside to give you the desired thickness of this ring.


Glue it all together

I used CA glue to first glue the silhouette to the back. Once that was set, I slightly sanded the ouside edge to make sure everything was flush and then using wood glue I glued the outer ring to the base making sure the front face of the clock is flush.


Finish with lacquer

60 minutes

Apply 3 coats of lacquer following the insturctions provided by whatever brand of lacquer you are using. Allow to dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step.


Install the clock works

15 minutes

I purchased clock works from the local Hobby Lobby. The shaft needs to be at least 1" to fit through the clock base. You may also need to ream the center hole depending on the shaft diameter of the clock works you are using. I also purchased larger clock hands, I think they were 4 1/2".


Hang the clock for all to admire!

Enjoy and let me know if you have any feedback or questions. Thanks!

Bob Jewell
How about sharing this so that it can be opened in Easel.
Bob Jewell
John Gifford
Hey Bob, it is available in easel, click the "Open in Easel" button in the upper right of this project posting. I believe this link should get you there as well:
John Gifford
robert carr
plz open to public ty bob
robert carr
Dominick Marino
Not shared publicly.
Dominick Marino