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CNC Clamp and Tool Storage - Deluxe

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Adam Simmons

Project by

Adam Simmons
Portland, OR

General Information

The layout is designed with visibility and fat fingers in mind.
The project is a made in two phases. The first is the pocket clearing, with the second being a contour cut using a 7.5 degree V-Groove bit to add a little angle so if you push an item to the edge, it lifts for easy pick up.

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Pocket Carve

The first part of the project is the pocket carve. The second part is a contour of the tool areas to add a angle to the edges in order to make it easier to pick things up (not required)

Donald Bliss
Hi Adam, Love the project but was wondering if you could help me. Every time I carve this, it comes out much smaller then the whole board. could advised what I might be doing wrong? Thanks
Donald Bliss
Awesome layout! Thank you for this!