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Matthew Hoy

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Matthew Hoy

General Information

A modification for the X Carve 1000mm Waste Board, for the purpose of leveling the work area of the machine

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Measure Wasteboard

The first step in levelling your X Carve wasteboard is to determine the X and Y travel distance of your machine and it is best to check your machines travel distance as it could vary especially for those who may have altered their machine working dimensions.

For the X axis

Jog the machine completely to the front left corner as you would normally with any workpiece.

Set the step distance to 100mm in Easel

Count the steps with each jogging movement

Repeat for the Y axis


Check Easel Project

Check that the project in Easel corresponds to the dimensions of your machine travel measured in step 1

If there is a discrepancy, adjust the Easel project


Install Bits

Install at least a 13mm router bit into the X Carve, you can use a smaller bit it will just take longer to level.

Home the machine and bring the bit to the surface, lower it until the bit kisses the surface of the material and can be rotated too observe a toolmark on the wasteboard.


Begin Levelling

Before raising the bit and commencing the job, be sure to check the cutting depth, try to remove around 0.1mm at a time, until the entire work area has been levelled.