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Circuit Board Milling Starter Kit

Michael Una

Project by

Michael Una from Inventables
Chicago, USA

General Information

I added two types of circuit board material- we carry both 2×3″ and 4×6″ in single-sided and double-sided varieties.

Milling 2-sided circuit boards is easy if you design with milling in mind, and prepare your work surface- plane a rectangle slightly larger than your board.

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Material Description Price
Circuit Board Blanks

Circuit Board Blanks

Dimensions: 2 sided FR1 circuit board stock 2 in × 3 in (25 pack)

Circuit Board Blanks

Circuit Board Blanks

Dimensions: 2 sided FR1 circuit board stock 4 in × 6 in (25 pack)

PCB Drill Set

PCB Drill Set

Qty: 10 Sizes, Material: Tungsten Carbide


PCB Milling Bits

PCB Milling Bits

Quantity: 10 (Do not use), Shank Diameter: 1/8 in (Do not use), Cutting Diameter: 0.004 in - 0.008 in (Do not use)

This project's Bill of Materials is not complete.

from Inventables


Protip: Mill a pocket

Make your life easier: mill a shallow pocket into your wasteboard slightly larger than your circuit board. It’ll help you position and clamp/tape your board in place and keep it square to the machine.


Give yourself a registration mark

If you’re going to be doing multiple separate toolpaths, such as a drill before a trace routing, you need to give yourself a registration mark to keep everything in the right place. I manually plunge the drill bit into my 0,0 spot before running the first operation to give myself an easy way to keep track of it.

For a two-sided board, consider putting a drill hole at your 0,0 and also at a symmetric location on the right edge of the board, so it’s in the same place when you flip the board over.


Go slow!

A good starting point for your cutting speed is 10 inches/min. And you shouldn’t need to cut deeper than ~.015" to get good clean traces. At that speed you should be able to do it in a single pass.

Dean Melillo
I had trouble with pcb gcode come with eagle seem not right to me. How do it run smooth? Every time I noticed the pcb board looked like some deep but the wire is small and some not deep but the wire is not small. I had some frustrate with pcb gcode and eagle (drc). Please let me know. Thanks.
Dean Melillo