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Cellphone/Tablet Passive Amplifier

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James Copeland

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James Copeland

General Information

Three simple pieces glued together to make an effective passive amp for your cellphone or tablet. NO BATTERIES!
This is a fun and easy project that kids love, and its a great way to use up those nice pieces of scrap wood that are too nice to throw away.

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Passive Amplifier Steps

60 minutes

This project has been designed to be cut on an X-Carve machine with the attached Easel File. It can also easily be made with a scroll saw and a drill press.
X-Carve instructions:
1. Obtain a piece of material of your choice that is 7″ × 12″ × 1/2"
2. Cut all three pieces using your X-Carve
3. Glue all three pieces together. The Easel file has the pieces orientated from top to bottom, Back, Middle, and Front pieces.
4. Once the glue has dried sand all the ends and edges smooth and apply an appropriate finish.

Scroll Saw Instructions:
1. Obtain two pieces of material of your choice that are 6 1/2″ × 3″ × 1/2" and one piece that is 6 1/2″ × 2″ 1/2"
2. Using the provided Inventor drawing, transfer all measurements for the speaker holes and sound tubes onto the 2" wide piece (middle piece)
3. Cut the sound tubes and speaker holes out of the middle piece with a scroll saw
4. Glue all three pieces together and allow to dry.
5. Once the glue has dried sand all ends and edges to be smooth
6. Mark the location of the speaker holes on the front of the now assembled Amplifier
7. Using a 1 1/4" drill bit, drill a hole 1 1/8" deep
8. Apply an appropriate finish

Christopher Rackley
I would love to make some but it seems the files dont download and it is not marked public. really cool office gift.
Christopher Rackley
James Copeland
I have checked and it is marked public. They do make a really neat gift. Is there a way I could email the plans to you?
James Copeland
Aled Roberts
same here doesn't load in easel
Aled Roberts
Barry Vanderbush
Can't get it to download. Any way that you could send it to my E-mail? Its Thanks
Barry Vanderbush