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Cathedral Internet Radio

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Nick Brewer

Project by

Nick Brewer

General Information

I’ve always loved the look of old cathedral radios and I decided to build my own and have it powered by a raspberry pi.

It has three modes
- Internet Radio
- Bluetooth In
- Aux Input

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Bill of Materials

- Front/Back panel – 1/8" Walnut
- Ribs – 3/4" plywood

- Raspberry Pi A+
- 20W Stereo Amp (
- Bluetooth audio receiver (
- 3P3T Switch (
- Laptop speakers
- 2.2" TFT Display
- 10k potentiometer
- 5 way navigation switch


Cathedral Build

- Cut out one cathedral rib and use that as a template with a hand router. (I found this cut down on the cnc time significantly)
- Cut out the front panel (I used several different sized bits for this)
- Cut out the back panel

- Glue the ribs together to give it about 5" of depth

- Sand/stain the entire thing


Electronics Build

This is really going to depend on how you set up your system.

The biggest tip I can give is that I used the 3 pole switch this way… each audio source is broken into Left/Right/Ground. These all go into the switch, so each position represents one source. All the outputs are fed through the switch to the amp.



I used NOOBS to set the pi up initially because it’s super easy.

This will take some python/programming knowledge and feel free to pick through my code to help figure it out.

- Install MPD on the Pi (
- Instructions on getting the TFT LCD screen to work (
- The python script can be found on my github page along with all the wiring pinouts (
- Launch the script on startup (
- Edit the mpd playlist for your own stations and change the images



It’s not an incredibly difficult build, but is a great way to help hone your making skills.

This project looks great. Love it.