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Carvey Bottle Opener

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Alex Berger

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Alex Berger
Chicago, USA

General Information

Steel and walnut bottle opener for our Carvey Kickstarter backers

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Wood Finishing Kit

Wood Finishing Kit

Sanding block, 16 oz bottle of food-safe wood oil and cotton application cloth don't use 1



15 minutes

One of the wood pieces included in your kit is engraved with the Carvey logo. The other piece is blank. This is so you can customize it if you’d like to.

Click the “Open in Easel” button to see the wood blank template. Add anything you’d like (name, phrase, shape, object, etc), then click “Carve”. And if you mess up, no worries – just flip the piece over and engrave the other side.

If you don’t have your own 3D carving machine, seek out a local makerspace where you can learn to use their machines:



2 minutes

Take a little mineral oil or tung oil on a rag and polish up the wood pieces. They’ll look finished and professional and awesome instantly.



2 minutes

Put the steel blank between the 2 wood pieces, then screw it all together.


PS – if you’d rather not customize or polish your bottle opener, that’s cool too. Believe it or not, it will still open bottles. And we won’t judge :)

Jene Johnson
Look great!! Where can I purchase the blanks? Thanks
Jene Johnson