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Car headrest mount

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Salmon Nortje

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Salmon Nortje
Cape town, South africa

General Information

Mount you cellphone or tablet to a car headrest and enjoy hand free media viewing with ease. The mount is specially designed to fit any traditional headrest. A 93×76mm rectangle of Inventables micro suction tape is applied to the back board to keep your device securely in position.

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Material Description Price
Baltic Birch Plywood

Baltic Birch Plywood

8" × 12" × 3/8" Baltic Birch Plywood

Suction Cup Tape

Suction Cup Tape

Color: Black, Form: Sheet, Dimensions: 210 mm × 297 mm × 0.80 mm

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from Inventables



47 minutes

This design can be easily cut with little to no post processing and finishing and takes about 47 mins on the x-carve.



1 minute

Once cut on the x-carve, the mount is easily assembled by means of a slotting system. A section of micro suction tape is then adhered to the large rectangular back plate surface.



1 minute

To install, first the headrest is removed. The left headrest post is positioned in one of the three different sized holes on the left of the mount. The right post is located in the slot on the right of the mount. The headrest posts are then re-positioned in the seat.

This configuration of slots and holes allows the headrest mount to be attached to a huge variety of headrests, with post diameters ranging from 10-14mm.


Mount a device

1 minute

To mount your tablet or phone, simple press the device firmly against the micro-suction tape on the back plate.

Once installed, the device bracket can be detached from the headrest rail mount. This feature gives the user the ability to store the extending portion of the mount without having to first remove the headrest.

Troy Stoneking
How does one contact the licensing person for a waiver to make this item.
Troy Stoneking
Salmon Nortje
Hi Troy you're free to use the design for personal use. For commercial use, you can contact me at
Salmon Nortje