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Bow Tie Remake! Logo and stripes

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joshua blom

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joshua blom

General Information

A twist on the bow-tie project that was really quite fun and simple to do!

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6" × 12" × 1/8" Walnut


from Inventables


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10 minutes

I used a current copy of the logo that I created for my business, converted to SVG files and then imported. I then used the easy-to-use easel app to create the contrasting stripes on the other side.



3 minutes

Export the g-code and run on my 1m upgrade SO2/Xcarve


Sand, Cleanup, and Sand some more

2 minutes

I cut all my pieces to within 1/32 of an inch so I can either pop them out or cut out with a sharp knife. If my projects are larger, is use my 18" drum sander until all the small scraps fall to the floor. Finish it up with a little hand sanding and finished it is! A great easy project with easy software that only took a few minutes to produce!