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Bit Box 1/8" PVC

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Grant Flude

Project by

Grant Flude

General Information

Cut with 1/16th inch bit, 50ipm depth of cut per pass was 0.06"
0.120" PVC piece was 9″×7″ cost of materials would have been less than $1.00

Holes are for 1/8" Shank Bits cut them at 0.130" to allow a little bit of wiggle room
Glued together with Crazy Glue

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Material Description Price
White Expanded PVC Sheet

White Expanded PVC Sheet

12" × 12" × 1/8" White Expanded PVC Sheet


Open Easel

5 minutes

Open Easel

Set you material up
-Set what bit you will be cutting with
-Pick your material of choice


Go to Easel Apps

5 minutes

Go to Easel Apps

Open the Box Generator App

Set your dimensions of the size of hold you will want

I chose 4″×4″×1″

Set you material thicknesss

Adjust the size of the tabs to your preference


Go back to Main Easel Screen

5 minutes

Adjust the newly generated box to fit your material size

Adjust the interactive tabs so they are placed in easy to remove and sand spots


Place circles for bits to fit in

5 minutes

Draw 1 circle set to a fraction larger in size then your bit

For example I made my tool holder for 1/8" bits or (0.125") I made the circles 0.130" to allow for wiggle room and the bits to fit well.

Copy and repeat your circle to as many positions on the one top board of your box


Time To Carve

10 minutes

Ensure your material is clamped securely

Cut out your new bit holder box



10 minutes

Once cut out

Remove the parts from the material skeleton.

Sand of the tabs, do any fine sanding to clean all edges up

I used crazy glue to assemble the box.

Start with the base and glue the 4 × 1″ high sides around it

Finish with gluing the top down

Finally Insert all of your bits for easy access storage

Ron Stanford
great organizer. just one question, where do you get those colored rings on the bits? can they be purchased separately from the bits and what are they called?
Ron Stanford
Danny McNew
Hello, What Bit (Black, White, Etc) to use?
Danny McNew
Stephan K
those colored rings come preinstalled with certain bits. Typically, you will see this installed on super small PCB bits.
Stephan K