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Arne Friedrich

Project by

Arne Friedrich
Hohenlinden, Germany

General Information

This is a flip milling project, just carve Side A and B and you are mostly done.
If your material was in the right angle on both sides you do not even have to sand your peaces.

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Material prepare

5 minutes

I used 10mm plywood. before milling i cutted it exact to 60×30 cm. Every mm counts.


SIDE A carve

25 minutes

Put your material on the board. Take care that you are parallel to the down wasteboard edge and mark the edges of your material on the board to have the exact postion.

I was using a 60 degree v-carve bit.

Carve Side A


SIDE B carve

25 minutes

After done with side A.

Put double sided tape on your carved areas.
Flip the material on the wasteboard and fix it on the exact same positon. Do not move your router while doing this. The tape will hold the carved parts.

Carve Side B



take your time and bring everything together by wiring up the parts.

thats it. have fun

Daniel Harasim
links are broken please help
Daniel Harasim
Andrew Johnson
another project that won't open in easel? Inventables??
Andrew Johnson