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3D Printed Thread-On Dust Shoe for X Carve

Noah Mackes

Project by

Noah Mackes

General Information

For the X-Carve equipped with the DWP611 Router. Uses the large threads on the router to thread on for a snug fit. Button Extension allows the button to still be fully capable, allowing for easy bit changing. Slides up and over to lock into the threaded ring also making it easy to remove quickly.

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360 minutes

Print all parts. Use Supports. Use a higher infill . 75 MAX.


Remove Support Material

5 minutes

Remove support material from printed parts. Use Needle Nose Pliers and Exacto Knife


Attach Vinyl

20 minutes

You can pick up some clear vinyl from your local hardware store and cut it to fit in the slot on the bottom of the dust shoe to act as your bristles. Cut the Vinyl to be 20" long. Use small screws to screw the vinyl into place. You can use pan-head screws for all except the back. Use a countersink screw for the back so that it does not hit the Z rod.


Mount Threaded Ring

2 minutes

Insert the button extension into the Threaded Ring. Thread the ring onto the spindle. It works best if you start with the button extension aligned with the button to begin threading it on. Go slow and don’t force it. May take some wiggling to keep the ring properly aligned in the beginning. Make sure the router is lowered so you don’t hit the Z rod. It takes only one revolution to line the button extension up with the button.


Attach Dust Shoe

2 minutes

Attach the dust shoe by lining up the teeth on the threaded ring and the dust shoe. Push up and then slide over to lock into place.



10 minutes

You can add black electrical tape to make the attachment tighter, or carefully file areas to make it looser.